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UniqueText is a tool used by Internet Marketers to make sure that the article they publish is unique and plagiarism-free.

I am an internet marketer, I know how crucial it is to have a unique content on my site. Even when I make a content backlink, I have to make sure the content is superb and unique. Therefore the content will be indexed quickly and bring a good result to my optimization effort. Duplicate content backlink is no longer an option since 2012-2013 when google launched penguin update on its algorithm.

At that time, many sites that I made, had dropped in ranking and some even had deindexed by google. I realized that I have to change my strategy. I need to make sure the articles I ordered from content writer are plagiarism-free. I have used many plagiarism checker tools, free or paid. Most of the free ones are easily manipulated. I easily can change a few words from each sentences, mix 2 or more articles, to make one article that passed its algorithm as a unique content. While most of the paid ones, are too complicated and contain many functions that are not needed by most of us (Internet Marketers).

Despite all of that, I acknowledge one tool that is easy to operate and gives me the result I need. Copyscape Premium is good. It has a good detection rate and everything I need. However it's a bit pricey for me. I have to check around 50 articles /day, copyscape will absolutely drain my bucks. I surf anywhere online to find copyscape alternative, but none of them suits me well. I came up with the idea to make my own plagiarism checker that suits my need as IMers. Here it is UNIQUETEXT.

The screenshoot of the UNIQUETEXT duplicate checker tool:

tool free plagiarism checker online

UniqueText Premium Features

What makes UNIQUETEXT stand out

Higher Quality

UNIQUETEXT maintains a fairly high standard of plagiarism detection because we want to offer our service as a cheaper alternative to copyscape.

Comprehensive Searching

UniqueText uses special algorithm to comprehensively detect plagiarism, therefore it's not easy to be manipulated by Copycat and cunning content writer.

Snippet of Duplicate

Our duplicate finder includes snippets of the copy text, to make it easier for you to find which parts of the text are duplicates.

Duplication Rate

The tool calculates the duplication rate of submitted articles. If you are tolerant, determine for yourself what percentage of duplicates are acceptable.


How much UNIQUETEXT Duplicate Checker will cost



  • Free 2000 words
  • No Email support

Quota Based


  • 50.000 kata
  • Deep Search
  • Ignore certain site
  • Download Report
  • Priority Email Support

Monthly Subscription

$10 / mo

  • 120.000 kata
  • Deep Search
  • Ignore certain site
  • Download Report
  • Priority Email Support

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